No More Cars on Broadway! At some points in midtown.

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It looks like they’re keeping the bike lane, but otherwise, Broadway will become a pedestrian walk around the intersections with 7th and 6th Avenues. They say this will increase traffic movement on both 7th and 6th avenues.  It looks like they’re removing parking from the one side of 7th Ave to put in another lane. … Read more »

Google Street View Car Hits A Deer

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It looks like the person driving the Google Car accidentally hit a deer in upstate New York.  Google Street View has removed the image from Google Maps because of complaints. The good news is that the Google car driver stopped the vehicle, and alerted the police, and by time the police had arrived, the deer… Read more »

Another Weekend In New York

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(photo via neatorama). So, I was hanging out in Williamsburg the other day, and found a pretty nice Tea place.  I noticed quite a few of the people that would fit into this bingo board.   While I’m on the subject, I’d like to list some of my findings / adventures. Tompkins Square was a great… Read more »