Study puts Adult Entertainment Subscriptions on a Map.

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A study at Harvard University shows that Adult Entertainment internet usage is very high in some of the most conservative states.  The linked article tries to make a correlation between Porn and Religion, as well as Democrat vs Republican voters.  The actual study seems to be a bit more fairly balanced. It still does put… Read more »

2009 Lehigh Valley Map & Guide Released

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So the Lehigh Valley is a decent place to visit, with Musikfest, and Dorney Park, and Ski Slopes.  Also the area is trying to get the Phantoms to play hockey in the valley.  Well, it’s the 25th year of creating these cool little maps for the Lehigh Valley.  They’re free, so try to pick one… Read more »

Boston T, in Pipe Cleaners!

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Ok, so this has got to be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen made out Pipe Cleaners: It’s the Boston T map!  I think they should hang these on the trains.  Please click through below for more information on this awesome creation: Pipe cleaner subway map (via Cartogrammar)

GPS Support Added To Google Earth Free Version

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I’ve been wanting to hook my GPS up to Google Maps for a while, and have always needed to boot into Windows to run MS Streets to track my position.  It appears that Google is finally allowing the free version of Google Earth to use a GPS. This news has been overshadowed by bigger news,… Read more »

Global Map of Accessibility

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Global Map of Accessibility Travel time to major cities (in hours and days) and shipping lane density A map released by the European Commission and the World Bank models the accessibility (and isolation) of various parts of the world. It’s a heat map that shows the travel time to major cities (here defined as 50,000… Read more »