Mapping the Earth’s Gravity

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Some places on earth have different gravities.  Gravity roughly decreases with altitude, and many things can affect it.  The linked article explains that the European Space Agency are trying to get a better image of the earth’s gravitational pull.  There is also some talk about how this study can help us understand climate models better…. Read more »

Microsoft Single View merging Business Data and Maps

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It looks like even Microsoft is picking up on the current momentum of Neogeography.  This product seems to be pretty similar to its already existing MapPoint software, which is targeted at marketing and business uses, as well as some low-end GIS uses.  Microsoft’s Single View Platform is targeted more to goverment applications.  Microsoft has partnered… Read more »

Boston T, in Pipe Cleaners!

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Ok, so this has got to be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen made out Pipe Cleaners: It’s the Boston T map!  I think they should hang these on the trains.  Please click through below for more information on this awesome creation: Pipe cleaner subway map (via Cartogrammar)

British View of the World

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Earth is Square brings us a map of the world as viewed by the British.  It is titled “The Tory Atlas Of The World”.  I wanted to reblog this so I could make some comments on it.  Earth is Square points out that this map could be offensive, and at the very least, is not… Read more »