RiskyRoads.org Maps Fatal Accident Hot Spots

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RiskyRoads.org is providing maps of Fatal Accidents and DUIs.  A lot of useful information! I’ve been looking up clusters in my area.  It seems that Union Blvd in East Allentown is pretty dangerous.  It is a four lane road roadway with a lot of businesses and intersections.. really it seems like a pretty deadly scenario…. Read more »

OnStar, the mobile version of Big Brother?

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OnStar, the mobile version of Big Brother? So apparently if you have OnStar, and do something stupid, OnStar will call the cops right up and tell them to “help” you. Possibly to a free blood test! From the Morning Call: A 22-year-old Monroe County man whose OnStar navigation system sent an alarm when his vehicle… Read more »