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Those of you who talk to me on a regular basis know that I love touting Scribd as the best new document sharing service.  They have a service called iPaper that lets you embed your documents anywhere.

I love Scribd for sharing documents that would otherwise sit on my hard drive unused.  By serving up documents that I created, I am able to share information with people and hopefully reduce the amount of research that people need to do.

On example of a document I uploaded is below.  I created a Powerpoint presentation for GIS day 2008 to help a group of students understand how Google Maps works with external data.  After the presentation, the document would just sit on my hard drive.  So I decided to upload it to Scribd to help out the growing GIS community on Scribd.

Anyway, Scribd was nice enough to send me an gift card, so I feel I should officially promote them.  I don’t work for them or expect to be getting any more money, but I will definitely continue to use their service!