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The Scotch:
Around 6ish tonight, I decided I’d embark on my adventure to purchase Diageo products. One of my good friends, Sheila, has some sort of deal where she can get me a discount on these products for this week only.

With this in mind, I had my parents pick up a case of Guinness, I know they like the drink, and this discount thing is sweet. I decided for myself I would have to pick up some Baileys Irish Cream and Johnnie Walker Black. So far, it seems like a good choice.

So I realized as I was driving down the PA turnpike that I was rather low on gas, with this, I thought about the gas stations that are on my way. My route is mostly made up of highways, and I wouldn’t have encountered a gas station until I hit Ridge Ave.

I decided to get off at the Fort Washington exit, and head toward Bethlehem Pike. I passed two Lukoil stations, but since they required left turns, I decided I’d keep heading forward. I recognized the area, as I have biked it once before. With this memory, I also remembered that there would not be any gas stations until I entered Flourtown. With my gas light already on for a while, this began to concern me, so I decided, the next gas station I see, be it on the right or the left, I will stop and get gas.

So I enter Flourtown, and see a BP on the left, but since I’m a weird person, I decide to make a right turn and take a U turn on that road. As I turned right, I realized there was a Texaco across the street from the BP, but it was too late, I had my heart set on the $2.73/gal BP. I took the U-Turn, and pondered the possibility of visiting Texaco (also $2.73/gal) instead on BP, thoughts raced through my head as to which company more closely fits my political views. Then I realized this was stupid, and no matter what the brand, the gas is probably all from the same sources. So, yeah I got gas at the BP.

Lucky for me, the BP was in the Acme shopping center. I decided to stop in, and purchase a card for my soon to be former boss. His wife just gave birth to a baby boy! So I feel that I would like to congratulate him, and a card is more formal than the standard email. I picked a card, and was on my way. The one issue here is my love for food, I felt compelled to walk around and look for a snack that I’ve never had, that would open my taste buds, while being absolutely delicious. I saw “Utz Toasted Sesame Pretzels” and instantly fell in love!

Back in June of 2006, I was hanging out with some of my best friends from Drexel University, Ken and Kelly, and we stopped by the now defunct Tower Records on Broad Street. For some reason or another, they had the Violent Femmesself-titled album on sale, and I decided that I required it to be in my collection. I also picked up the Devo Album “Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!” on this trip. I have already owned the Violent Femmes compilation “Add It Up (1981-1993)” for many years, and I have loved it. I realize that there is something much more coherent with the album that just a compilation of excellent songs. I got into the self-titled Femmes album over the summer, and have been revisiting it every once in a while. It was well worth the investment.

One quite memorable trivial piece of information about this album involves one of my favorites TV shows, “How I Met Your Mother”. If you’re a devout fan, such as I am; you would know that Marshall and Lily’s song is “Good Feeling” by The Violent Femmes. I must say, of the not-so-popular tracks, my favorite song is currently “Please Do Not Go”.

Another thing about this album that angers me, is the usage of the song “Blister In The Sun” being currently used in a Wendy’s commercial. (More Discussed Here) I think the only commercial I’ve seen with worse song placement was the car commercial using Smash Mouth’s “Walking On The Sun” as its background music. They carefully edited out the second line of the chorus to completely change the meaning of the song.


So don’t delay, act now, supplies are running out
Allow, if you’re still alive, six to eight years to arrive


So don’t delay, act now, supplies are running out

Smash Mouth had quickly sold out, and now their follow up album was not nearly as good (in my opinion) as “Fush Yu Mang”, and with the combination of this commercial and their music in Shrek, I knew it was time to give up listening to Smash Mouth. I still love to play “Padrino” on my guitar, and will have fond memories of attempts of covering some of their songs with various people.

The Culmination:
After a delicious dinner of spaghetti and meatballs with sausage, I decided to retreat to my room. I checked email, and some other things, and talked to my good friend Ken on the phone for a little while. I decided to open up my newly acquired scotch and pretzels. I decided the Violent Femmes CD would put me in the proper mood to relax, and reflex upon my day. It has put me in a great mood, and makes me excited that I only have 6 more working days before I head to Argentina! I also suggest to anyone to try to have a night of good music, good drinks, and a good snack… It will make you feel better.