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So the Ben Franklin Bridge is awesome to bike over.  I did it not too long ago so I could explore Camden.  The people I met over there were all very nice, but I did meet a dog over there that probably was going to kill me.  Luckily its owner was able to restrain the beast from having me for dinner.

In any case, Bike Week (not this Bike Week) is next week, and they’re going to keep the bridge opened until 11pm! Just keep in mind that it’ll be dark, and there are parts of the walkway where you’re really not supposed to bike, and I can only imagine they’ll be more dangerous when you can’t see anything.


Philadelphia Bicycle News: Ben Franklin Bridge Extends Hours For Bike Week.

  • Jim

    Looking how to get from the Art Museum to the Ben Franklin bridge. I work in Camden and would love to ride from where I live in Conshohocken. I know how to get to teh Art museum, but what is the best way from there?


  • Jim

    I’d suggest turning right at the philly end of the bridge, and left on Callowhill. Follow Callowhill to 19th, where you turn left, then you can turn right onto Vine or go into Logan circle if you’d like. You could try to stay on vine the whole way, but there’s a lot of traffic at the interchange.

    I’ve included a map:,-75.155067&spn=0.040857,0.090895&z=14

  • Jim

    Great. Thank you very much.