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Head On!

Now that Pandora has been becoming more popular, especially with their iPhone application, they are thinking of ways to add more revenue to their model.  I guess you can’t blame them for trying to make money in today’s economy. Companies that have their main business model set around advertisements have been hurting for some time (here and here).You

In any case, they’re adding Ads to their radio stations!  Enjoy!

Also, do you think the people who titled the article linked below realized their misspelling of the word “ads” or did they do it as a lame attempt at a pun?  Because if it’s a pun, I applaud them!

(the images are stolen from the ad providers, they’re not paying me

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Obama’s administration supports June DTV transition postponement – Engadget.

For people like me who can’t justify paying $50+/mo for cable, antenna TV is the only way to watch anything.  Luckily a lot of good stuff comes over antenna, but the gov wants to change that!  They have set a date to change to all digital tv by Feb 17, 2009, which now might get changed again, to some time in June or maybe even July.  This is good news to people like me who were slow on getting their coupon for a converter box.  I was just planning on not watching TV anymore, and the networks do a good job at providing it over the internet.