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CNET reports that by 2012:

All the major handset makers, including, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson, have agreed to use the Micro-USB technology as the common universal charging interface

Also from the article:

All in all, it’s huge win for the planet and for me–the consumer. It’s such a no-brainer. It makes you wonder why no one thought of this sooner.

I believe this is because the companies could make tons of money by selling us a new $30 charger everytime we found ourselves away from home with no way to charge our phones.

Now if there was only a green way to get rid of my excess of old phone chargers.  Any ideas?

Universal cell phone chargers coming soon (via CNET)

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It’s great to see the news covering Open Street Map events!

Open Street Map

Local contributions made to Open Street Map

Maplovers gather over the weekend at Bloc II Cafe, Photo by Russ Nelson

Map lovers gathered around a beautiful and intricate map of the Boston area, made by many contributors to, a sort of Wikipedia of maps, before heading out into Union Square with their GPS units to possibly make contributions of their own this past weekend.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

via The Somerville News.

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Earth is Square brings us a map of the world as viewed by the British.  It is titled “The Tory Atlas Of The World”.  I wanted to reblog this so I could make some comments on it.  Earth is Square points out that this map could be offensive, and at the very least, is not politically correct.

So anyway, this is what I like about this map:

  • The “Ought to be British Territory”
  • Time zones “Not worth bothering with really”
  • Sea (British)
  • I have no idea where Greenland went
  • Australia is now Singapore, and New Zealand and Australia are both mapped to New Zealand
  • Most of Southeast Asia is don’t know or can’t remember
  • Portugal seems to pop up in random places, but not in it’s real place.
  • The area around Transylvania is labeled “Dracula”
  • It looks like Latvia is labeled “Transylvania” and Estonia seems to have become Albania
  • The Falklands are bigger than South America
  • Africa contains a country called “Bongo Bongo Land”

And so forth.. enjoy!

British View of the World. (via

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I’ve been wanting to hook my GPS up to Google Maps for a while, and have always needed to boot into Windows to run MS Streets to track my position.  It appears that Google is finally allowing the free version of Google Earth to use a GPS.

This news has been overshadowed by bigger news, such as the Ocean Floor Mapping, and Historic Satellite Imagery, but it may be something I’m more likely to use on a regular basis!

GPS Support Added To Free Version Of Google Earth. (via