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It looks like even Microsoft is picking up on the current momentum of Neogeography.  This product seems to be pretty similar to its already existing MapPoint software, which is targeted at marketing and business uses, as well as some low-end GIS uses.  Microsoft’s Single View Platform is targeted more to goverment applications.  Microsoft has partnered with IDV Solutions to make this application, so I expect some decent results.

According to a write-up about the Single View session, SVP is designed to provide users with “a single, geographic view of complex information and data sets across multiple roles, locations, and user interfaces.”

I’m curious to see how this affects the government GIS applications market.
Maps + business data = Microsoft Single View. (via zdnet microsoft blog)

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This is an interesting look at the Great Depression, and its impact on the Railroad industry, Philadelphia, and the environment.  Anyone who has ever driven down route 291 to the Philadelphia Airport knows of the vast oil refineries, and the horrible smell that is associated.  It’s interesting to see just how many railroad cars sat there waiting to be used.

Point Breeze, 1935 « THE NECESSITY FOR RUINS. (via

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A study at Harvard University shows that Adult Entertainment internet usage is very high in some of the most conservative states.  The linked article tries to make a correlation between Porn and Religion, as well as Democrat vs Republican voters.  The actual study seems to be a bit more fairly balanced.

It still does put a correlation on religious aspects (in table 4) and tries to come up with some explanations.  I think the reason for it in these states is that it is less socially acceptable to physically go out to a store and purchase these products than it is in the other states.  Although there are a lot of inconsistencies.  Maybe people

Will you buy porn tonight?: Study maps porn usage. (via

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It looks like they’re keeping the bike lane, but otherwise, Broadway will become a pedestrian walk around the intersections with 7th and 6th Avenues.

They say this will increase traffic movement on both 7th and 6th avenues.  It looks like they’re removing parking from the one side of 7th Ave to put in another lane.  I’m all for this, because it reduces the chances of getting doored while biking down the road.

Streetsblog » Bloomberg Puts Forward a Bold, Transformative New Vision for Broadway.

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Those of you who talk to me on a regular basis know that I love touting Scribd as the best new document sharing service.  They have a service called iPaper that lets you embed your documents anywhere.

I love Scribd for sharing documents that would otherwise sit on my hard drive unused.  By serving up documents that I created, I am able to share information with people and hopefully reduce the amount of research that people need to do.

On example of a document I uploaded is below.  I created a Powerpoint presentation for GIS day 2008 to help a group of students understand how Google Maps works with external data.  After the presentation, the document would just sit on my hard drive.  So I decided to upload it to Scribd to help out the growing GIS community on Scribd.

Anyway, Scribd was nice enough to send me an gift card, so I feel I should officially promote them.  I don’t work for them or expect to be getting any more money, but I will definitely continue to use their service!