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Circuit City seeking to liquidate.

It looks like Circuit City’s going to be closing down all of their stores, and sending ~35,000 people to the unemployment lines.  The only ray of hope is if someone decides to buy them out… and that’s not looking likely right now.

Despite this being horrible news, there should be some good deals coming from Circuit City in the future, so keep an eye out! has been suggested as a place to look for deals.

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So, I was hanging out in Williamsburg the other day, and found a pretty nice Tea place.  I noticed quite a few of the people that would fit into this bingo board.   While I’m on the subject, I’d like to list some of my findings / adventures.

  • Tompkins Square was a great place to eat our Russ & Daughters smoked salmon bagels.  We also saw a black squirrel here!  Why have I never seen a black squirrel outside of Manhattan?
  • Cops drove into McCarren Park just to say “Hi!” to us, while were sitting on the bench (in the cold), maybe they thought we were like dealing or something, but really we were waiting for a friend.
  • We decided we needed some spicy for for dinner, so we looked up Spicy on Yelp! and found Sigiri Sri Lanka Restaurant.  I love spicy food, but I opted for medium spice, because I had heard it is really spicy.  My two friends ordered the hottest, they teared up, and turned red, and my friends are the type that can take hot food well.  Aside from the spice, the food was very good, our waitress was amazing, and the prices were very reasonable.  I would suggest this place to anyone looking for a bit of Spice in the East Village.  I should be off to write my Yelp! review right now.
  • I would also like a mention my favorite tea place on the Lower East Side, Teany.  It was also a find on Yelp! while I was walking down Houston Street, looking for something toChocolate Macaroon Cakeeat/drink.  I love tea and vegan food, and this place has 98 varieties of tea.  They also get food straight from Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, which is a place that would make my list of top 15 things in The Lehigh Valley, if I ever got around to making such a list.  For a great review on this place, check out VeganFriendlyNYC (They get the photo credit).