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I’m always on the lookout for new GeoTagged data, and it made my day I came across this database.  It contains almost all of the airports in the world, along with their positions in WGS84.

I’ve gone through their data a little bit, and it’s not 100% perfect.  There are no parameters to specify the type of airport (General Av., Heliport, Seaplane, etc) and some of the airports have ceased to exist since. (ie. Denver Stapleton Airport)

Despite its shortcomings, this is still a great chunk of geographic data.

Recently, a buddy of mine put together a map of the Major US airports on Google Maps, which can be found here.  A lot of work was put into it to only include commercial airports and to specify the larger airports.  Its main intent is to aid travelers in finding the commercial airport nearest their destination.

It has inspired me to use the data from OpenFlights to create a maps of the World’s airports.  The resulting file was over 5mb, so I decided to create a subset of United States airports. So check out the OpenFlights Airport Database – United States Airports on Google Maps.

Airport and airline databases released (via OpenFlights)

As always, there is a song attached.  The flash player was giving me trouble, so here’s the mp3 straight up.

Guster – Airport Song

  • Jani Patokallio

    Thanks for the mention! The inclusion of old airports is on purpose, as the flights of users of OpenFlights stretch back into the 1950s and some people who visited the old Denver want to specify that they flew via Stapleton, not DIA. Adding an “obsolete/decommissioned” tag would be a good idea, but for time being, you can roughly filter the airports by their codes: an airport with no IATA/FAA code is almost certainly for general aviation only, and those without even an ICAO code are either decommissioned or private landing strips.

    Also, the database is regrettably still quite far from containing “all” the airports in the world, the CIA estimates that there are some 50,000 in total. However, as a database of the much smaller set of airports with scheduled service, it’s still (AFAIK) the best free one out there.


  • Jim

    Thanks for the information on this! This is definitely the best source I’ve seen for worldwide airport information. I’m curious what kind of applications will be made to use it.