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Last.FM / MySpace Blog Mashup!

Ok, I spent way too long working on this project, so please people, try it out and tell me what you think of it.

The project is a reader that I designed to take any Last.FM user name, and find their most listened to bands.

It then Googles the bands’ names and finds their MySpace pages.

It then looks on MySpace for the bands’ MySpace blogs, and displays them for you in a pretty little reader!

This is pretty much open source, so I will email you the code if you want it! The reader is based off of code found here: and the myspace blog to RSS code referenced is found here

Future enhancements include:

  1. Making It Faster (caching the band URLs to a XML file or a database)
  2. Aggregating all of these fields into one RSS feed
  3. Making a better looking User Name entry screen