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Remember way back to yesterday with Picasa for Mac was released, and I was very happy over it, even though iPhoto ‘08 did an excellent job already. Well.. iPhoto ‘09 was just announced… and it’s GLORIOUS (sounding)

Here are some great things you can look forward to in iPhoto 2009:

  • Two more “events” for photo storage
    • Faces
    • Yes, this is facial recognition!
    • It can totally guess people in photos, and then it asks you to confirm its guesses
    • and Facial tagging ripped right off of Facebook
  • And the #2 event
    • Wait for it
    • GEOTAGGING – yeah take that Geotag free Picasa for the mac!
    • Apple appears to use google maps to assist you in geotagging your own photos… so I guess google still wins a little here
    • iPhoto geotagging syncs with Flickr’s geotagging
    • and they have added increased facebook support
    • The face detection is used for slideshows, so that faces are centered
  • Also, Travel books, I suppose this is just another event group to show off a trip

All in all, good stuff from Macworld 2009!

Stay tuned for more!

  • Stuart

    That it sure does. It’s even more laughable when people compare Aperture to Picasa – brings me much amusement.