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Has anyone heard about these ring tones that adults cannot hear?

They say that after about age 20.. your hearing starts to go away around the high end.

I’m almost 25, and I have some hearing loss due to too many loud concerts and blasting my stereo in my car. I try to wear earplugs at concerts, and I think it has helped me a lot.. but I still have some hearing loss.

Old TV

In any case, I found that most of these rings are just a simple sine wave between 16kHz and 20kHz. The tone sounds similar to a TV (or any CRT Monitor) that has been turned on and isn’t displaying a picture. I realize that some people cannot hear this noise, while I can still hear it at my great age.

My hearing seems to go up to about 16.25kHz.. which isn’t so good.. but oh well, I’ll survive, I’m sure it’s better than the people who go to concerts with me and don’t wear earplugs.. I’d hope?

Also, there is a server next to me, with god-only-knows-what making the most god awful high pitched noise next to me. I’ve never noticed it before today, but it is loud and annoying.

Anyway, using my favorite audio editting program for windows (Goldwave), I’ve created some mp3s for you to sample to test your own hearing!

As I said before I can go up to about 16.25kHz, I can hear 16.5kHz and can barely hear 16.75kHz… But I have to really strain..

These files are encoded as Layer-3 ACM MP3 at 44.1kHz, 128kbps, mono (unless otherwise noted), and you are probably listening to them with your computer speakers; so don’t expect this to be a very accurate test of hearing, this is just for fun!

If your phone supports MP3 ringtones, then you can download any of these straight to your phone! Just enter the URL into your phone, and they should install! (Unless you’re on Verizon, which likes to cripple their phones… but I could write for weeks about the problems with each mobile phone company… My Friend Elli has suggested for getting free ringtones on most mobile carriers, but I have not personally tested this site.)


Pure Sine Waves

Sweep Sine Wave


  • This has a pure 16kHz sine wave on the left, and a sweep from 15.5kHz to 16.5kHz on the right.
  • Techitorial

    Its really spectacular … I like the way it has been written … I like your style !
    Whats are these frequencies representing ?

  • Bob

    Can i put these frequencys on my cell phone

  • Expectationdangerous

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