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I know everyone LOVES politics, right?

First off, today isn’t JUST Super Tuesday, it’s also IHOP’S “National Pancake Day“…  as well as Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Shove Tuesday, Fasnacht Day, and other holidays of excess.  After unsuccessfully requesting a few states to move their primaries (unreliable source), IHOP has been so nice to move their pancake day to 2/12/08.

Back to Political thought.. Who’s going to win the election?

I used some awesome methods to determine who’s the most popular candidate, and have a result for the public!

Google Trends!

This pretty much just ranks searches.  I have used it to compare the 5 most searched for candidates for the 2008 election.  Apologies to Mike Gravel,  Mike Huckabee, and Alan Keyes, the Google search crowd has not been kind to you! I’ve only looked up results in the USA, because people who are using Google in the US are more likely to be eligible to vote in the US. You can click around if you are interested in other results.

My Awesome Google Trends Search!!

First thing that you’ll notice is Ron Paul.  He really is quite the internet sensation!  He may be the Snakes on a Plane of candidates, but will he fail to perform just like Snakes on a Plane?  Maybe?

It should be noted that when you do the search using campaign names, rather than full names, the results are quite different.  I doubt anyone expects to get decent results on Ron Paul by using just “Ron” or “Paul”.  It’s also interesting to note that using “Obama” vs “Hillary” (Hillary seems to be using her first name as her campaign name) will give you a strong Obama preference.. Where “Clinton” vs “Obama” has strikingly different results.

It’s also interesting that McCain and Romney seem to have a small percentage of the overall  search results.  Although they seem more competitive against Ron Paul when using their campaign names (Ron Paul seems to be using his full name for previously mentioned reasons).  Google Trends Republican Campaign names.

I also would like to note the detail that Google goes into with its trends.  They split it up by state, and even city.  It shouldn’t be too shocking that Ron Paul is popular in Austin, TX, and McCain is still holding onto Arizona, although Arkansas seems to like him more.  Huckabee is still holding onto Arkansas’ internet searches.

In any case, this is only based on internet searches, and is probably more closely aligned to which candidate is most interesting, and not which candidate is likely to win.  It does seem apparent that more Google users are interested in the Democratic Candidates than the Republican Candidates.

I guess we will see tonight how things turn out!  Luckily for me, I can’t vote until April 22, so I have plenty of time to decide.  If you’re in PA, and you still haven’t registered as Democrat or Republican, you have until March 24th to do it!  If you need more info, Rock the Vote seems to have compiled the information in a somewhat meaningful way.