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Canadian rockers Moxy Früvous would have you believe that the US state with the lowest highest point is in Delaware. (Moxy Früvous – The Lowest Highest Point from some shady website)  In the beginning of the song, they say that they would expect it to be Florida or Louisiana, and they would have been correct had they picked Florida, but they incorrectly went with Delaware.  Maybe because of a question in Trivial Pursuit[3]?

First Letter of Canadian Provinces and Territories

In any case, they’re Canadian, so we can give them a break.  How many people in the US can even name all of the Canadian Provinces and Territories? I tried to do it once in alphabetical order, and found that there are a lot of them that start with N: New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, and Nunavut.  38.4% of the Provinces and Territories in Canada start with an N!  I found this interesting enough that I made a pie chart about it.

The Canadian Province with lowest highest point is Prince Edward Island, at 459-466 feet (Sources Vary) [2][4].  This is still higher (but not much higher) than Delaware’s highest point [1].

Anyway, I have been interested in state highpointing for a little bit, and figured Delaware would be an easy one to knock off my list.

After a trip to White Clay Creek State Park to go biking and find the Arc Corner Monument (unsuccessfully, after my bicycle got a flat tire 8 miles from where we parked), we decided to take a detour on our way home to find the Delaware State High Point.

I had done research on it in the past, and had come across this site. It has a cool map showing that there is land near the official high point is actually slightly higher. The Delaware State High Point Wikipedia Entry claims this land was added later for drainage reasons, but it isn’t a natural high point, and therefore doesn’t count. It was easy to find, and near route 202 in Wilmington, so it was close enough to being on our way.

We arrived at the high point around 7:30pm on Halloween, and we were greeted by costumed Trick-or-Treaters.  We took a drive into the trailer park and took a photo of a field that is near the areas depicted to be above the surveyed high point (Those specific areas are all private lawns, so we didn’t want to be too intrusive). We also drove over to the official marker sign and took a photograph.  It was quite dark, and it required me to strategically position my car’s headlights on a nearby street to illuminate the sign well enough for the photograph.

Night Photo of the Delaware State Highpoint

The actual highest point is in this photo.. somewhere

Ebright Azimuth Monument Marker Night ShotEbright Azimuth Monument Marker Night Shot
  • Rutti Tutti Rich and Fruity

    This is possibly the only time I have known Moxy Früvous to be incorrect. Thanks for the heads up! I will no longer believe anything I hear.