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I love heat maps, and I think is an amazing idea.  This is a heat map of the tile usage.  It’s cool to see bright spots in South America and Africa.  I’m curious as to why there isn’t a bright spot near Perth, and I guess I’ll need to sign in to get info on New Zealand, Eastern Australia, and Alaska. What’s with these maps that are always cutting on the Water Hemisphere anyway?•o•mat•ics |ˌjēəˈmatiks| › CloudMade Tile Request Graphics.

  • Shaun McDonald

    You can pan to centre on any part of the world using the stats slippy map. You can also zoom in to any part of the world, to see the specific details in a particular city.

    The heat map is the most accessed CloudMade tiles that use OpenStreetMap data. No information on how often the OpenStreetMap tiles is accessed is shown on the heat map. Thus you need to use CloudMade’s tile services, rather than if you want to have an effect on the heat map.

    Where you centre the map depends on which part of the world you are in. Coming from the UK, I think that it is only natural to centre it on the UK. The water hemisphere is a nice place to split the map, as there is minimal land area cut in half.

  • Jim

    Thanks Shaun for the clarification!