Blogging it up

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I’m thinking of getting back into the swing of things and writing some more fun blogs. I have fun topics, such as Music, and Photography, and Technological toys… So I will probably blog about the same crap everyone else is… So leave a comment here if you’re interested in hearing my fun tales of buying… Read more »

Quiz: Do I Like or Hate You?

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For every question you answer ‘yes’, you get one point: 1. Are you from New Jersey? 2. Do you own a Motor Home? 3. Did you hit a piece of wood, having it fly into my car damaging both the windshield and the passenger’s side window, along with the A pillar? If you scored 3,… Read more »

America and the Bald Eagle

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How appropriate is the Bald Eagle as a symbol for the United States of America? Sure, the Bald Eagle is a large powerful bird, immediately capturing the attention of anyone who happens to encounter the bird. With a 7-foot wingspan, and weighing up to 14lbs, the Bald Eagle carries itself as a strong force in… Read more »