Cherry County, Nebraska

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US Counties by Area

    Looking at a map of counties and county equivalents in the United States, I noticed a few things about county size that stand out to me. The counties near the Mississippi and Ohio rivers seem to be extremely small. Counties in and west of the Rockies are pretty big. Three areas east of the Rockies… Read more »

ESRI Shapefile Shapes and Parts and KML analogies

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ESRI shapefiles are split up into “Shapes” which are split further into “Parts”. For example: One could think of a college or corporate campus as a group of buildings.  The individual buildings could be stored as “Parts” and the entire campus could be stored as a group. KML files work in a similar fashion, although… Read more »

Netflix WTF

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I wonder where 99999-9999 would be.  The highest ZIP Code is 99950 in the extreme southeastern part of Alaska, including the City of Ketchikan, AK. 99999 is reserved for special uses only.  Sorry Netflix. #No Data (via The Daily WTF)

Depressed? Eat Salt!

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Apparently, Salt makes rats more active. I wonder how it works for slugs OK, that picture is horribly cruel, but the article is a decent read. Is Salt Nature’s Antidepressant?. (Via National Geographic)