Point Breeze, Philadelphia in 1935

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This is an interesting look at the Great Depression, and its impact on the Railroad industry, Philadelphia, and the environment.  Anyone who has ever driven down route 291 to the Philadelphia Airport knows of the vast oil refineries, and the horrible smell that is associated.  It’s interesting to see just how many railroad cars sat… Read more »

Boston T, in Pipe Cleaners!

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Ok, so this has got to be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen made out Pipe Cleaners: It’s the Boston T map!  I think they should hang these on the trains.  Please click through below for more information on this awesome creation: Pipe cleaner subway map (via Cartogrammar)

The roads are still crumbling!

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ASCE‘s Report Card for America’s Infrastructure: Aviation: D Bridges: C Dams;     D Drinking Water:     D- Energy:     D+ Hazardous Waste: D Inland Waterways: D- Levees:     D- Public Parks & Recreation: C- Rail:     C- Roads:     D- School:     D Solid Waste: C+ Transit: D Wastewater D- If this were my college… Read more »

Manayunk 1890 and Today

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It’s amazing how different it looks today… Manayunk PRR Station Photo by William Rau ca. 1890 The same area August 2008. The area on the platform on the right is where the volunteers worked on recently. Manayunk Viaduct ca. 1890 By William Rau (Copied from a post by Colin P. Varga on PhillyBlog {link} )