Delaware State High Point: Ebright Azimuth

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Canadian rockers Moxy Früvous would have you believe that the US state with the lowest highest point is in Delaware. (Moxy Früvous – The Lowest Highest Point from some shady website)  In the beginning of the song, they say that they would expect it to be Florida or Louisiana, and they would have been correct… Read more »

"Extinct" Bird Seen, Promptly Eaten

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Some people are concerned about saving species from extinction, others are curious as to how they may taste. I hope to see a review on this bird on Yelp any day now! PHOTO IN THE NEWS: “Extinct” Bird Seen –Then Eaten. (via National Geographic)

America and the Bald Eagle

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How appropriate is the Bald Eagle as a symbol for the United States of America? Sure, the Bald Eagle is a large powerful bird, immediately capturing the attention of anyone who happens to encounter the bird. With a 7-foot wingspan, and weighing up to 14lbs, the Bald Eagle carries itself as a strong force in… Read more »