Apple and Depeche Mode Team Up!

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There has been a lot of news this week centered around Depeche Mode. Depeche Mode has recently announced tour dates for their 2009 album Sounds Of The Universe. I’ve also discovered that Steve Pavlina, the writer of a very successful personal development blog must be a Depeche Mode fan himself.  He subtly hints to Depeche… Read more »

Pandora, Now with More Ads!

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Now that Pandora has been becoming more popular, especially with their iPhone application, they are thinking of ways to add more revenue to their model.  I guess you can’t blame them for trying to make money in today’s economy. Companies that have their main business model set around advertisements have been hurting for some time… Read more »

Another Weekend In New York

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(photo via neatorama). So, I was hanging out in Williamsburg the other day, and found a pretty nice Tea place.  I noticed quite a few of the people that would fit into this bingo board.   While I’m on the subject, I’d like to list some of my findings / adventures. Tompkins Square was a great… Read more »