Open Street Map in the News!

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It’s great to see the news covering Open Street Map events! Local contributions made to Open Street Map Maplovers gather over the weekend at Bloc II Cafe, Photo by Russ Nelson Map lovers gathered around a beautiful and intricate map of the Boston area, made by many contributors to, a sort of Wikipedia of… Read more »

British View of the World

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Earth is Square brings us a map of the world as viewed by the British.  It is titled “The Tory Atlas Of The World”.  I wanted to reblog this so I could make some comments on it.  Earth is Square points out that this map could be offensive, and at the very least, is not… Read more »

GPS Support Added To Google Earth Free Version

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I’ve been wanting to hook my GPS up to Google Maps for a while, and have always needed to boot into Windows to run MS Streets to track my position.  It appears that Google is finally allowing the free version of Google Earth to use a GPS. This news has been overshadowed by bigger news,… Read more »

Pennsylvania wants to consolidate School Districts

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Rendell wants to eliminate 400 of Pennsylvania’s 501 school districts in an effort to reduce costs. Ed Rendell believes that in today’s economy, we can no longer afford to support 501 school districts. This wouldn’t be the first time Pennsylvania forced consolidation of its school districts.  Before 1962, Pennsylvania had almost 2,000 school districts. This… Read more »

OpenFlights Airport and Airline databases released

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I’m always on the lookout for new GeoTagged data, and it made my day I came across this database.  It contains almost all of the airports in the world, along with their positions in WGS84. I’ve gone through their data a little bit, and it’s not 100% perfect.  There are no parameters to specify the… Read more »