Open Street Map in the News!

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It’s great to see the news covering Open Street Map events! Local contributions made to Open Street Map Maplovers gather over the weekend at Bloc II Cafe, Photo by Russ Nelson Map lovers gathered around a beautiful and intricate map of the Boston area, made by many contributors to, a sort of Wikipedia of… Read more »

The roads are still crumbling!

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ASCE‘s Report Card for America’s Infrastructure: Aviation: D Bridges: C Dams;     D Drinking Water:     D- Energy:     D+ Hazardous Waste: D Inland Waterways: D- Levees:     D- Public Parks & Recreation: C- Rail:     C- Roads:     D- School:     D Solid Waste: C+ Transit: D Wastewater D- If this were my college… Read more »

Another Weekend In New York

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(photo via neatorama). So, I was hanging out in Williamsburg the other day, and found a pretty nice Tea place.  I noticed quite a few of the people that would fit into this bingo board.   While I’m on the subject, I’d like to list some of my findings / adventures. Tompkins Square was a great… Read more »

Manayunk 1890 and Today

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It’s amazing how different it looks today… Manayunk PRR Station Photo by William Rau ca. 1890 The same area August 2008. The area on the platform on the right is where the volunteers worked on recently. Manayunk Viaduct ca. 1890 By William Rau (Copied from a post by Colin P. Varga on PhillyBlog {link} )