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Earth is Square brings us a map of the world as viewed by the British.  It is titled “The Tory Atlas Of The World”.  I wanted to reblog this so I could make some comments on it.  Earth is Square points out that this map could be offensive, and at the very least, is not politically correct.

So anyway, this is what I like about this map:

  • The “Ought to be British Territory”
  • Time zones “Not worth bothering with really”
  • Sea (British)
  • I have no idea where Greenland went
  • Australia is now Singapore, and New Zealand and Australia are both mapped to New Zealand
  • Most of Southeast Asia is don’t know or can’t remember
  • Portugal seems to pop up in random places, but not in it’s real place.
  • The area around Transylvania is labeled “Dracula”
  • It looks like Latvia is labeled “Transylvania” and Estonia seems to have become Albania
  • The Falklands are bigger than South America
  • Africa contains a country called “Bongo Bongo Land”

And so forth.. enjoy!

British View of the World. (via