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Tonight’s weather was simply amazing: 75 degrees, no rain, no wind, on March 14th! It also happened to be a Wednesday night, my traditional night to spend time with one of my awesome college friends Elli, so it was another lovely night in the city.

Samson Sushi Delight

First we stopped off to get some sushi at Samson Sushi Delight. Which may just be my new favorite sushi place in center city. They offer brown rice, good portions, and extremely fresh vegetables. The staff is very nice, and knows their competition well, and has excellent prices, especially considering the relatively generous portions they serve. I had the Avocado Roll, and the Vegetable Roll (which is not on the menu, but came highly suggested from Elli).

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We then took a stroll around town, through Rittenhouse Square, and Fitler Square, eventually ending up at Markward Playground. This is where I first witness the sport of Cycle Polo. I must be really out of touch with the times, to have never even known such a sport existed, but it really was quite interesting to watch.

Elli in Markward Playground

We spent the rest of the night swinging on the swings, and deciding to play for this summer. It is unofficial, but it seems that this upcoming summer of 2007 will be “The Summer of Fitness” including a lot of biking, hiking, and other outdoorsy sports. This will probably be in stark contract with last summer’s “Summer of Milkshakes”, and I suppose that is a good thing.

There will be a lot of changes this summer, and probably a lot more commuting. But this summer is coming soon, so I will need to start making my goals soon. If anyone in the NJ/PA/NY area is looking to help me and take part in my summer of fitness, please get back to me.

Let’s just hope the weather stays this nice!

  • Julius O

    I’m with you, the weather was amazing! I especially loved the fact that I didn’t have to wear a jacket at all on my commute to NYC on Wednesday. I left my flat with just a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. And now I’m craving sushi!

  • Colleen

    I LOVE FITNESS!!! Biking is cool … especially with the sweet bike I JUST told you about!

  • elli

    the best blog ever created. Note: Sansom Street Sushi Delight is now called Vic.