Netflix WTF

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I wonder where 99999-9999 would be.  The highest ZIP Code is 99950 in the extreme southeastern part of Alaska, including the City of Ketchikan, AK. 99999 is reserved for special uses only.  Sorry Netflix. #No Data (via The Daily WTF)

CloudMade Tile Request Heat Map

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I love heat maps, and I think is an amazing idea.  This is a heat map of the tile usage.  It’s cool to see bright spots in South America and Africa.  I’m curious as to why there isn’t a bright spot near Perth, and I guess I’ll need to sign in to get info… Read more »

What If Walt Disney Rode A Bike?

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Why are bicycles banned from the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow?  Walt Disney is known for futuristic ideas for transportation such as the Monorail and the PeopleMover.  Walt Disney failed to envision a world utilizing the most energy efficient mode of transportation: the bicycle. John from the Philadelphia Bicycle News writes about his plans to… Read more »

Depressed? Eat Salt!

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Apparently, Salt makes rats more active. I wonder how it works for slugs OK, that picture is horribly cruel, but the article is a decent read. Is Salt Nature’s Antidepressant?. (Via National Geographic)